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With our network of generated sites, we are able to run big data user testing to determine the best solution for your site.



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By using the latest tech and limiting featuresets we are able to concisely control user experience, SEO, and the preformance of your website.



Web data suggests users are looking for a functional, fast, and streamlined experience on any website. We are using data and testing to ensure we know what the user is looking for, and we are able to serve them as quickly as possible.

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Execution is key. We strive to use the best technology and enforce strict standards on ourselves. So far, it's working. The numbers are clear in this, pageload is the single most important metric for users interactions with your site. We aim to be as quick as possible, to serve you and your users.

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Data driven

We're making decisions for you, those decisions come from our designers, and most importantly our data. We're measuring everything about these websites in order to whittle our way down and hone a perfect site.

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